Sunday, February 11, 2007

Winter of 2007 - a retrospective

The bitter temperatures seem to be subsiding. To put it mildly, we [in the Eastern U.S. and Canada] have seen nine days of below normal temperatures. Six of those days have been more than bitter, with temperatures below zero and will chills ranging from 20 to 50 degrees below zero. Records have been set, pipes have burst, electricity usage has increased, the Allegheny River has frozen over, people have died.

I have written about the MSM/DNC technique of relying on images, emotions and feelings instead of facts. I have tried to respond by focusing on the pain and bitterness of this Winter so that we will remember the cold weather long after the bitterness has eased.

I present here some additional mental impressions and images from this month. Last week, I had occassion to drive for some distance along Pennsylvania highways shortly after a brief snowfall. The temperature was so cold that the snow could not melt, even in the bright sunlight. The frozen snow clung to the highway in places where salt crews had not yet arrived. Road crews had to use much more salt than usual. The highway appeared to be bleached in the wake of the salt crews. The excessive salt not only removed the snow, but bleached the pavement. The frozen snow had the consistency of sand. The bright sun, bleached highway, sandy grains of snow and desolate nearby fields gave the appearance of a desert or some strange arctic salt mine. By the time I had driven thirty miles, the salt had turned the front of my normally black car white. The sound of high winds whistling past my car windows reminded me that this was not a desert, but a bitter winter day during which I and the rest of the world would rather be comfortable inside.

Is this the image of a warming world, in which we need to shut down our industries and destroy the livelihoods of millions of people? The answer is obvious. I hope it will remain obvious in four months when the MSM/DNC tries to tell us that none of this ever happened.

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