Monday, August 07, 2006

Reuters' doctored Beruit photo vs. AP, NYT, Bill Moyers, Walt Handelsman, USA Today, etc.

This weekend's "journalistic" events have proven one thing - a Reuters photo is worth about as much as -

1) a CBS 60 Minutes report where a presidential election is at stake.

2) an AP report on crowd reaction.

3) a CNN analysis of U.S. soldier conduct.

4) a Newsweek report having anything to do with the Koran.

5) a USA Today photograph.

6) a Walt Handelsman cartoon.

7) an AP photo.

8) a Harper-Collins book photo.

9) an ABC report on urban rioting in the U.S.

10) a Bill Moyers commentary.

11) Election results in Washington State.

12) Opinion polls.

13) The New York Times.

Anything we do . . . anything we see . . .

The point is that replacing one photographer is not the answer.

Update - midafternoon Monday - Reuters is withdrawing all photos taken by Adnan Hajj. H/T Michelle Malkin. We all know that this is still insufficient. It takes more than one photographer to slant the news coverage. But I am happy for the progress. At least we didn't see 12 days of stonewalling like we did during Rathergate. But the only reason Reuters reacted so quickly was the firestorm created in the blogosphere and the precedent of disgrace and shame that CBS endured as a result of that scandal.

Most of the major MSM/DNC organizations have now been bloodied by some major scandal involving fake documents, fake photos, fake sources or simply invented facts.

We are still in the middle of a long term media revolution. The old MSM/DNC is on the way out. The Reuters photo scandal is one more step on the road to wherever we are going. The post-Rathergate world will take shape one piece at a time.

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