Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bomb shelter in Shanghai, China - 200,000 capacity

WKMG-TV in Central Florida cites a Shanghai Morning Post report that reveals a 200,000 person underground bomb shelter in Shanghai:
Shanghai has constructed a massive underground bunker complex capable of sheltering 200,000 people from a nuclear attack, a local newspaper reported.

The million-square-foot complex connects to shopping centers, office buildings, apartment buildings and the subway system via miles of tunnels, the Shanghai Morning Post said in an exclusive report.

The newspaper said the complex has water, electricity, lighting, ventilation and protective doors, and can support life for as long as two weeks.

This report calls to mind a WorldNetDaily report from last year that revealed the existence of old shelters elsewhere in China. These items, together with the ongoing Chinese military buildup, raise questions as to whether China is preparing for war.

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