Saturday, December 03, 2005

MSM lie # 53 - Walt Handelsman accuses Bush of smearing Murtha

The truth:

In response to Murtha's demand for the "immediate withdrawal of American troops" -- as The New York Times put it -- President Bush called Murtha a "fine man, a good man" who served with "honor and distinction," who "is a strong supporter of the United States military." He said he knew Murtha's "decision to call for an immediate withdrawal of our troops ... was done in a careful and thoughtful way."

Vice President Dick Cheney called Murtha "a good man, a Marine, a patriot."

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Murtha is "a fine man, I know him personally ... and it's perfectly proper to have a debate over these things, and have a public debate."

National Security Adviser Steve Hadley called in his praise for Murtha from South Korea, saying Murtha was "a veteran, a veteran congressman and a great leader in the Congress."

During the House debate on Murtha's insane proposal to withdraw troops in the middle of the war, Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., said Murtha deserved an "A-plus as a truly great American," and Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., said "none of us should think of questioning his motives or desires for American troops."

On the House floor, both Republicans and Democrats repeatedly gave Murtha rousing standing ovations. There was so much praise for Murtha that one of his Democratic colleagues asked him if he still had to attend Murtha's funeral.

What is this? Special Olympics for the Democrats? Can't Republicans disagree with a Democrat who demands that the U.S. surrender in the middle of a war without erecting monuments to him first? What would happen if a Democrat were to propose restoring Saddam Hussein to power? Is that Medal of Freedom territory?

I don't know what Republicans imagine they're getting out of all this love they keep throwing at Democrats.
h/t Ann Coulter (alternate link) emphasis added

Aside from Ann's commentary, the undeniable fact is that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Hadley, Hyde and Weldon fell all over themselves praising Murtha.

The lie:

Walt Handelsman's cartoon appeared in Newsday and was syndicated around the nation and online. This cartoon first appeared November 23rd. It appeared in my own local newspaper yesterday. Handelsman's defenders will say that it was just a joke. Can a lie be a joke? What is the punch line? Will the MSM/DNC use "humor" as a shield for any lie, no matter how obvious?

Click here for the complete list of MSM lies of 2005.

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