Sunday, November 27, 2005

Quote of the day - Joe Sobran

When a tabloid headlined "HITLER IS ALIVE," one's first
reaction was: "Oh, rats!" Luckily the report appeared to be
baseless. But THE NEW YORKER reports that some of Hitler's
relatives wound up in the United States -- in, of all places,
the New York City area. (Of *course* they changed their
names, dummy!) Meanwhile, some of the German branch of the
family are still fighting legal battles over the royalties
from MEIN KAMPF. Hope springs eternal, doesn't it? All of
which reminds me: when I lived in New Jersey, I sometimes used
to see a plump little woman, vaguely familiar-looking, on the
morning bus to New York. At first I paid little attention to
her; but eventually I learned that she was Svetlana Stalin. I
wish I could have gotten to know her, but I could never quite
think of an appropriate way to introduce myself. You try it.

Joe Sobran

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