Friday, November 25, 2005

Two protests: Sheehan and Jordanians against Zarqawi

The MSM/DNC news outlets have spent much of the day focusing on Cindy Sheehan's latest protest, even though her protest features only about a dozen protesters.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Jordanians take to the streets to demand Zarqawi's head, and the MSM/DNC falls silent. Mark Steyn sums up the anti-Zarqawi Jordanian protests:
True, he did manage to kill a couple of dozen Muslims. But what's the strategic value of that? Presumably, it's an old-fashioned mob heavy's way of keeping the locals in line. And that worked out well, didn't it? Hundreds of thousands of Zarqawi's fellow Jordanians fill the streets to demand his death.

Did they show that on the BBC? Or are demonstrations only news when they're anti-Bush and anti-Blair? And look at it this way: if the "occupation" is so unpopular in Iraq, where are the mass demonstrations against that? I'm not talking 200,000, or even 100 or 50,000. But, if there were just 1,500 folks shouting "Great Satan, go home!" in Baghdad or Mosul, it would be large enough for the media to do that little trick where they film the demo close up so it looks like the place is packed. Yet no such demonstrations take place.

So what is the difference between the Sheehan and the anti-Zarqawi protests? Sheehan believes that America is "not worth dying for", while the Jordanian protesters are demanding the head of one of America's leading enemies. So naturally the MSM/DNC provides free publicity to a dozen people who follow an America-hater, while ignoring hundreds of thousands who wish to eliminate one of America's enemies. Draw your own conclusions.
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