Monday, October 17, 2005

MSM Lie #45 - ABC lies about the Toledo rioters

The 45th MSM lie of 2005 occurred yesterday when ABC posted on its website a headline that claimed that White Supremacists had rioted in Toledo over the weekend. In fact, the White Supremacists did not riot, but dispersed when the police ordered them to leave. It was the black protesters who rioted, burned and looted.

Michelle Malkin posts links to a timeline and other details and commentary.

The propensity of the MSM/DNC to misrepresent the identity of those who act to destroy western civilization is not limited to riots in Toledo. The MSM/DNC also strives hard to hide the identity of terrorists throughout the world.
Click here for the complete list of lies of 2005.
Update 10-18-05 - NewsBusters is on the case.

There was some confusion as to whether ABC quietly changed their headline, but it appears that ABC has its story and is sticking to it.

A commenter at NewsBusters wonders whether the Toledo rioters got the idea from the rioters in New Orleans.

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