Monday, June 12, 2006

Al Zarqawi; Ho Chi Minh; the War on Al Qaeda

The MSM/DNC's favorite subject is Vietnam. The MSM/DNC will forever compare every war to Vietnam (unless that war is, itself, contrary to U.S. interests - like Bill Clinton's alliance with Kosovar muslims against the Serbian people). MSM/DNC has made it a fundamental strategy in its War on the War on Terror to say "Vietnam" at every opportunity.

But another difference has now emerged between Vietnam and the War on Terror. With all of its apparent expertise in Vietnam, the least the MSM/DNC could do is mention the fact that U.S. troops never killed Ho Chi Minh during the Vietnam war (Ho died of natural causes in 1969). But last week, as the MSM/DNC was forced to admit, U.S. forces killed Al Zarqawi.

Killing Al Zarqawi is not as good as killing Osama bin Laden. [Then again, the U.S. didn't kill Mao or Brezhnev during the Vietnam war]. But now Zarqawi cannot be praised by MSM/DNC historians as the man who "outfought" the United States - or the man who would have brought Jefferson style democracy to Iraq if only we had let him - or any other Ho-style sycophancy.

Zarqawi's death points out another crucial fact about this war. In Iraq, we are fighting Al Qaeda. We are no longer fighting Saddam Hussein. Hussein is in prison. Al Qaeda threatens to take over Iraq, just like they recently took over Somalia. Al Qaeda is the organization that knocked down the twin towers (and numerous other buildings in the immediate vicinity). The longer we stay in Iraq, the more Al Qaeda we kill. Those who urge immediate pullout from Iraq are demanding a retreat in the face of Al Qaeda.

Their surrender mentality is masked only by the passage of nearly five years since 9-11. Had Murtha, Kerry, etc. demanded retreat on September 12, 2001, they would have been marginalized immediately. Instead, they waited a few years and hid behind the fog created by years of MSM/DNC nitpicking and misdirection.

In order to clear the fog, just remember 2 things.

(1) Al Qaeda destroyed the World Trade Center complex.

(2) We fight Al Qaeda now in Iraq.

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