Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Richard Roeper; apologies to terrorists

I learned (from Mark Steyn's website) over the weekend that Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun Times demanded an apology in the immediate aftermath of the Washington sniper attacks (2002). He demanded this apology not for himself, but apparantly for terrorists everywhere because conservatives had unfairly blamed terrorists for the sniper attacks.
"An awful lot of conservatives really, really wanted the snipers to be terrorists," explained Richard. "But they were wrong. I'll say that because they never will."

Just so I understand Roeper correctly, after watching the news unfold of Islamic terrorist attacks that killed roughly a dozen people in the Washington area in 2002, Roeper wanted us to apologize to the terrorists??

h/t Michelle Malkin

The terrorists can win by many means. Killing and destruction are only part of their arsenal. Well placed fifth columnists who demand dhimmitude after every terror attack are just as essential to the cause of jihad. Those who seek to confuse and reorder every issue are more powerful to the terrorists than 100 roadside bombs. A society in which black is white, day is night, up is down and terrorists are not terrorists can not long survive and can not long resist new terror attacks. We cannot defeat terror if, after every attack, we have to stop and convince Richard Roeper that the attack we have just endured constitutes "terrorism." We will never convince him anyway. We can only marginalize his influence by exposing his views.

I don't know what Roeper's goal is in pretending that the terrorists are not really terrorists. I do not care what his goal is. But I know that he will never admit that Malvo and Muhammed are terrorists, despite their own writings and their actions.

Such an admission would betray too much ground in the MSM/DNC war against America. To admit (1) that not all terrorists have "official" ties to Osama bin Laden, (2) that terrorists can act independently with nothing to motivate them but Islam itself or (3) that continued vigilance remains necessary would contradict MSM/DNC policy of encouraging appeasement, dhimmitude and complacency.

And for the record, we did not want the snipers to be terrorists. We do not want anyone to be terrorists. We just want the attacks to stop. We want Ahmadinejad to stop threatening a nuclear holocaust. We want muslims in America to stop threatening to turn this country into an Islamic republic. We would prefer if the terrorists stopped trying to conquer Somalia. We want the terrorists in Indonesia to stop beheading little girls and the Islamic rioters in Europe to get jobs and stop burning down Paris. We wish that all terrorism was George Bush' fault so that we could stop it by doing nothing more than electing Democrats and trusting the MSM/DNC.

But we are not going to pretend that those things are not happening. We are not going to help lead our country to slaughter by convincing our fellow citizens that everything is OK, that all terrorism started because George W. Bush invaded Iraq or that Islamic snipers are not terrorists.

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