Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Haditha, John Murtha, John Kerry, Ramadi

I found a post of mine from November 7, 2004, which reported (quoting several blogs) that the Islamic terrorists were planning to booby trap schools in Ramadi so that the coalition would be blamed for the death of children:
Dave at Cold Beverage has posted a centcom link that reveals the muslim insurgents' plans to rig schools with explosives and detonate them once the Coalition's final assault begins. One school in Ramadi was rigged with explosives with the detonation wire running to a nearby mosque.

The left and their allies in the MSM will see to it that the U.S. gets the blame. Hat tip also to Digital Brown Pajamas.

The left seems to follow the same script every time. The Ramadi booby traps never materialized, but the left, the MSM/DNC and the terrorists kept their scripts and their ammunition ready until another opportunity presented itself.

Down the memory hole will go Ramadi and Beslan as the MSM/DNC will hasten to label our troops "baby killers" while ignoring the possibility that the muslims killed their own people in order to provide propoganda ammunitition to their allies in the MSM/DNC.

It is no longer surprising that Congressman Murtha will hasten to condemn the Marines as liars and murderers, even though he undoubtedly accepted John Kerry's version of events from Vietnam without questioning how a soldier could earn 3 purple hearts without shedding a drop of blood. The left no longer makes a pretense at consistency. Murtha can count on the MSM/DNC to protect his own status as the "Democratic-hawk" and "war hero" no matter how badly he smears our troops.

Michelle Malkin provides more information on Islamic terrorist policy of using their own children as cannon fodder.

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