Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jack Higgins; Haditha; UK Times smear; Fifth columnists never stop - they simply switch tactics.

Even though the UK Guardian has retracted the slanderous photo that sought to blame the Marines for a massacre that Al Qaeda insurgents committed, the American branch of the MSM/DNC fifth column has picked up the fallen banner and continues to run with it.

Jack Higgins of the Chicago Sun-Times has reproduced the photo as a cartoon, implying that the Marinese were responsible for the deaths of the civilians in the picture.

Michelle Malkin provides e-mail addresses to which we can write in protest. Those who praised the UK Times for correcting its "mistake" will now find some other excuse to exonerate Higgins and the Sun-Times.

Whenever I identify a cartoon as perpretating a lie, someone always points out that it is "only a cartoon." Cartoons can contain lies, as this one does. What is the punch line?

I repeat my questions (with a few new ones) from several days ago - Does Higgins want our troops to be withdrawn? Does he want Al Qaeda to control Iraq, its geography, its people and its oil? If so, is he prepared to face the consequences? Is he prepared to live in a world that features a much stronger Al Qaeda in terms of manpower, money, bases of operation and power? Is he prepared to draw cartoons featuring massive American civilian casualties resulting from additional Al Qaeda attacks on U.S. soil? If so, will he attribute those massacres to the Marines also?


update Thursday June 8th.
The Chicago Sun-Times and Jack Higgins have apologized (yesterday) for the cartoon. H/T Michelle Malkin
An Apology
A cartoon by Jack Higgins in Tuesday's Chicago Sun-Times incorporated inaccurate imagery to make a statement about the allegations that U.S. Marines killed Iraqi civilians in Haditha. Jack Higgins and the Sun-Times deeply regret the mistake and apologize to the U.S. servicemen, especially those in the Marine Corps, and to our readers who were understandably offended by the cartoon. Higgins, in doing Web research on the Haditha story, searched the Internet for images. A Yahoo search engine displayed a number of photos, one of which was labeled "IraqBodi...rd.jpg." Clicking on that image took Higgins to the MSNBC/Newsweek site. On his screen then was the original Yahoo search preview image and under it a Newsweek page with a small image of the magazine's current cover with the headline "The Haditha Question." Higgins made the erroneous assumption that the image in the photo preview was a photograph of victims of the killings that unproven allegations say were committed by U.S. Marines. Further scrolling down the page would have produced another image of this photo with a caption that clearly identities the dead as victims of Iraqi insurgents. The caption reads, "Insurgents in Haditha executed 19 Shiite fishermen and National Guardsmen in a sports stadium." Again, Higgins and the editors of the Sun-Times apologize for this egregious error.

Whether we accept as genuine the apology, this episode might provide some insight into the way the MSM/DNC operates. If we assume that the Sun-Times is now telling the truth, the cartoonist made an innocent mistake in relying on the photo he found in a Yahoo search.

Maybe this is how so many MSM/DNC employees got to the point where they have no understanding of what conservatism or America or Western Civilization is all about. Maybe many of the MSM/DNC columnists, reporters, cartoonists etc. have relied on lies for many years and have no idea that there is more to conservatism and America than racism, Halliburton, warmongering, "homophobia" etc. The MSM/DNC not only lies to Americans, it lies to those who work for or in the MSM/DNC. That is often how discipline and doctrinal purity are maintained within any mass totalitarian movement, of which the MSM/DNC is a good example.

While Ann Coulter refers to "liberalism" as a religion, MSM/DNC would more properly be described as a cult, like the one in Jonestown or the followers of El Ron Hubbard, except that the MSM/DNC seems to follow no one person in particular.

My point is [and I will continue to try to define the MSM/DNC in future posts], blogbursts that expose lies might have the effect of opening the eyes of some of the MSM/DNC employees who until now have mindlessly repeated the lies of the MSM/DNC. We can only guess as to how hardened some leftists have become over the years because they had access only to MSM/DNC lies without the opportunity for responsive blogbursts like the one that exposed this lie.

My advice to Jack Higgins (if his apology is genuine) is that he must learn to be as suspicious as the paranoid conservatives are when he seeks information from MSM/DNC sources. " . . . [W]e can't be sure of anything we do . . . anything we see."

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