Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Somalia - the latest domino

See Op-for and Michelle Malkin for the story of the fall of Somalia to Islamic fundamentalists.

Check out this link for a discussion of Islam's march across Africa.

green dominos

H/T Pamela at Atlas Shrugs for posting the map last summer.

The more a theory proves to be true, the more the MSM/DNC will try to discredit that theory. The more nations were seized by the Soviets and their allies during the cold war, the more that the MSM/DNC asserted how "discredited" the domino theory was. What will the MSM/DNC say about Somalia? It will either ignore Somalia or try to write off this development as the fault of George Bush.
Yahoo News reports that the Islamic group that has apparently conquered Somalia has alleged links to al-Qaida. H/T Atlas Shrugs.

If this new government has ties to Al Qaeda, there is no reason we should not attack them now. I thought Al Qaeda was fair game, wherever they may be found.

Congratulations, MSM/DNC! In less than five years, you have nitpicked America away from its yearning to obliterate Al Qaeda on a moment's notice. We are now tied down with a 1000 lilliputian strings while Al Qaeda and Islam marches across Africa. Mission accomplished!

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