Sunday, July 10, 2005

MSM lie # 32 of 2005 - AP's fabricates Tony Blair comments

AP has contributed lie 32 [really # 33(see correction below)] to the list of lies of 2005. Charles Johnson writes the following:
I was preparing a post saying how disappointed I was in Tony Blair, for implying that the London terror attacks were an outgrowth of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Turns out Tony Blair never said this. The Associated Press fabricated it.

AP did post a correction a day later (today), but as with all MSM/DNC corrections, the damage has already been done. I am not inclined to give AP the benefit of the doubt, as they play such a major role on the list. See ## 13, 20, 21 and 31.

And those items do not include AP's false claims of booing at a George Bush rally in 2004 or the AP's role in the Pulitzer Prize being awarded to terrorists.
Update - July 17, 2005 - it would seem that I have lost track of the MSM lies. This one is LIE # 33. sorry.

But in my own defense, if the media would just stop lying so much, I could keep up with them. Maybe they could limit themselves to one lie per month?

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