Thursday, November 25, 2004

Washington State Election

I know we are burned out from the recent Presidential elections, but we should pay attention to events in Washington state. The Democrats are trying to steal the gubernatorial election through endless recounts. I originally predicted that Ohio would be this year's Florida, but my prediction was slightly off. Ohio provided the most likely challenge, but it was not close enough. Washington has provided a similar opportunity for Democrats in a lower profile race.

It is important that we win this one so that the Democrats will not be encouraged to continue trying the same tactics in future elections. John Kerry was prepared with teams of lawyers this time. He didn't use them, thus breaking with Al Gore's precedent. If we stop them in Washington, we might avoid having to endure the Florida scenario as a regular part of our election process.

Digital Brown Pajamas has reported on this story here and here.

Michelle Malkins posts here and Sound Politics reports here. Check Sound Politics for a t-shirt offer.

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