Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Get U.N. out of U.S.

Anti-U.N. sentiment in the U.S. became common some time ago. The calls for an end to this abominable relationship are now growing louder and closer to the mainstream.
Move America Forward has bought television air time to advocate the removal of the U.N. from our shores.
Michelle Malkin agrees.

Do you think it was the allegations of rape, pedophilia and similar atrocities committed by UN troops in the Congo?

Or was it the U.N.'s failure to condemn genocide in the Sudan? That item was apparently enough for U.N. ambassador and former Senator John Danforth to question the utility of the General Assembly.

Or was it the growing Oil-for-food scandal? [There are too many links to include even a small portion.]

Or was it the UN conference on racism in 2001 [U.N. code for America and Israel bashing]?

Or the UN's welcoming of Yasser Arafat in 1974 in the wake of his operation to kill the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics?

Or the Somalian disaster in 1993, during which American soldiers were killed while fighting under the UN flag?

Or is it because the U.N. could not even enforce its own resolutions against Saddam Hussein and then was powerless to stop the U.S. from enforcing those resolutions? In short, is it because the U.N. is powerless when it happens to be right and helpless to commit evil when the U.S. is determined to do the right thing in spite of U.N. opposition?

They do no good on their own and do no harm without our help and acquiescence. The U.N. has somehow managed to become both useless and dangerous.

You can help.

Friday morning update

Scrappleface has posted a unique solution.

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