Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A repeat of 1988

As we wait for the results of today's "Super Tuesday" voting, recent history may help us see where we are headed.

Imagine we are in the primary season of 1988. The GOP is about to nominate George Bush I. After 4 years in office, Bush will lose to Clinton due to Bush' tax hike (among other reasons). America still has not recovered from the Clinton years (particularly the reverses suffered related to the war on terror and China). It is still not clear that America will survive the Clinton years even if we were guaranteed decades of Republican rule. The nomination of a liberal Republican (Bush I) who did not understand the importance of tax cuts resulted in serious damage to the nation that we might never repair.

Fast forward to February 5, 2008. We now have a choice among two candidates, one of whom is more liberal (McCain). If we repeat the same mistake from 1988, we are asking for either (1) a one term McCain presidency to be followed by so many years of Democrat rule that we will not recognize this country when they are through or (2) an immediate Democrat victory this fall that will last for an unknown period. Niether alternative is attractive. These alternatives are not far fetched. This scenario is exactly what played out in this country between 1988 and 2000, directly as a result of the GOP nomination of George Bush I in 1988.

The only possibility of escaping this nightmare scenario is to nominate Romney now. He is not perfect, but at least there is an upside. If he sticks to his current positions, we may not have to face an eventual Democrat resurgance followed by years of destructive rule.

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