Monday, February 04, 2008

Mitt Romney for President

I, like many other conservatives, was disappointed when Fred Thompson dropped out of the Presidential race. I have refrained from declaring myself for any other candidate. But with the issue possibly to be decided tomorrow, I come forward now with an endorsement. I have provided plenty of reasons not to vote for John McCain.

In particular, I believe amnesty for illegal immigrants (and the refusal to build the wall) will be the defining issue for the survival of the United States as a sovereign nation. If we do not begin to control our borders, the United States will eventually cease to exist, with the resulting chaos and horror that such an end will bring. We will not simply wake up one day to find ourselves living in a third world nation. The change will come gradually, painfully and be accompanied by the loss of the standard of living that has set the United States apart from the rest of the world. There are many other factors contributing to this decline. One such factor will be the adoption of a radical program to destroy what remains of our industrial base due to hysteria that melting icebergs will one day flood the Earth. In each of these cases, John McCain has adopted exactly the wrong policy, notwithstanding whatever temporary promises he might make to the conservative base in order to skate to victory tomorrow.

This is what Ann Coulter refers to when she says that we have only a few days to "save the Republic." We now have one day. Once McCain receives enough delegates to secure the nomination, it will be too late. We will be faced with a choice between a liberal McCain administration that will repeat all of the Democrats' mistakes (with the GOP getting the blame) vs. Hillary or Obama. That is no choice. Either choice will result in possibly irrevocable destruction to this country over the next 4 or 8 years (or longer). If the GOP takes the blame for McCain's governance mistakes, the GOP will be out of power for so long that we will be unable to correct the damage done by the Democrats.

We have one chance to avoid this scenario. That chance is to support Mitt Romney tomorrow. While he has flip-flopped on key issues, a flip-flopper is right half of the time. He is campaigning now on the right side of the issues. It is reasonable to expect that we can hold him to these positions on many of the most important issues after he is elected. All indications are that he will be at least as good a president as George W. Bush. The upside potential for Mitt Romney is much higher than any of our alternatives. I can see no upside in any other scenario. We have no other choice.

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