Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ronald Reagan at the von Mises Institute

I posted most of this as a comment at another blog. I liked it so much I am going to repeat it here. I have always been annoyed that so much of the national discussion has always focused on white noise, trivialities and ad hominem attacks. There are core values underpinning the Republican party and conservatism. These values go beyond the arguments of the moment.

Michelle Malkin posted a lengthy item the other day featuring extensive quotations from a 30 year old Reagan speech before the von Mises institute, in which he discussed the role of "profits" and how the left has misused that word. But read it NOT for the implied criticism of McCain. Forget about McCain and the primaries for a moment. Read the item just to rediscover what conservatism is all about. See what issues we SHOULD be talking about instead of ad hominem attacks. Reading the item should make you optimistic (as it does for me) because it will remind you of the potential that conservative philosophy really has. It will remind you that conservatism offers the kind of basic values, deep thought and core philosophy that transcend any one campaign or any temporary battle of insults.

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