Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards to withdraw; No one cares

From AP:
Democrat John Edwards is exiting the presidential race Wednesday, ending a scrappy underdog bid in which he steered his rivals toward progressive ideals while grappling with family hardship that roused voters' sympathies but never diverted his campaign, The Associated Press has learned.
emphasis added

Those are a lot adjectives to learn at once.

The second question this brings to mind is - (the first question being "who cares?") Is he really dropping out? When stories surfaced three weeks ago that Hillary would drop out, I discounted those stories in part because they relied on Edwards as a source - and everything Edwards says is a lie.

You would be far more likely to reach the truth if you took the quoted paragraph above and believed the opposite of each phrase and clause.

The only person who cares?

- Scrappleface jokes that Edwards will endorse McCain.

- Michelle Malkin has more.

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