Sunday, January 27, 2008

Islam's European expansion continues from its Kosovar foothold.

It was predictable that the Kosovo war would not be resolved merely because Bill Clinton declared victory 9 years ago, a declaration that was accepted by a compliant MSM/DNC. As you may recall, Kosovo was the war in which U.S. troops were sent by President Clinton to fight on the same side as Al Qaeda so that muslims could retain control of a patch of Europe. Even though we "won" the war, the fate of Kosovo (and much of the surrounding region) remains in doubt, as the following Washington Times' commentary on the Serbian election points out:
"Resolving Kosovo's final status" has been an intentionally vague diplomatic phrase for the process of determining if Kosovo will become a separate nation, remain part of Serbia or linger as a U.N.-EU-NATO protectorate. Serbs, other Balkan Slavs and a few Greeks fear a fourth possibility: an independent Kosovo will encourage Albanian ethnic radicals who dream of Greater Albania. After taking Kosovo, irredentist Albanian zealots will demand slices of Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece's Epirus Province and Serbia's Presevo Valley.

H/T E-Ramblings

In the above quote, translate "Albanian ethnic radicals" to mean "muslims."

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