Friday, February 01, 2008

Global warming seems to be delayed in China (and everywhere else)

China is undergoing the worst winter in five decades:
China's gridlocked transport system rumbled back to life Friday but millions of angry travellers remained stranded all around the country, unable to return home for annual holidays.
Passengers began to flow out of airports, train stations and bus depots but it was nowhere near enough to clear a massive backlog of travellers stranded for days after the worst winter in five decades hit at the busiest time of year.
emphasis added

Earlier this week, reports centered on heavy snowfall:
Hundreds of thousands of travelers are still stranded at rail and bus stations around the country because of the heavy snow as they attempt to make their way home for the Chinese New Year holidays, state media said.

H/T Breitbart:
China issued a severe weather warning on Monday for large swathes of the country already reeling from transport havoc and power shortages caused by the heaviest snowfalls in decades.

The weather has contributed to power shortages:
The power shortages have been blamed on a government freeze imposed on electricity prices in September in an effort to cool inflation. The freeze prompted utilities to curb losses by purchasing less coal, the price of which has risen to record highs in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, in the midwest, anti-global warming weather has created massive problems from Texas to St. Louis to Chicago to Kentucky. The storms headed east today, creating havoc in Pa, New Jersey and elsewhere.

All of this may seem boring to those of us who are used to it, but we will need something to reference next year when the MSM/DNC teleprompters tell us that 2008 was the "warmest winter on record."

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