Sunday, February 03, 2008

Keating Five scandal soon to be resurrected

I haven't thought about the Keating 5 bank scandal in more than 15 years. Whoever this "Keating" is, I am sure he (or she) got what was coming to him (or her).

And I take John McCain at his word that he did nothing wrong.

But there is one thing I am sure of. The newspaper articles and TV reports have already been written and scripted. As soon as McCain (1) wraps up the nomination and (2) gets anywhere near the Democrats in "the polls," the MSM/DNC will make "Keating" as much of a household word as it has made "Valerie Plame," "Cindy Sheehan" or other such irrelevancies. ABC will become "the Keating network." Everyone will know Keating's name, but no one will know what he (or she) did.

Many voters, through sheer repetition, will end up with the vague idea that Obama (or Clinton) is running against the McCain/Keating ticket in the fall election. Others will come to believe that "Keating" is McCain's last name. As our present day banking/mortgage crisis continues and languishes through 2008, many voters will get the impression that the Keating 5 scandal occurred this year instead of in the early 1990's. Casual viewers of the MSM/DNC will come to believe that they were denied a bank loan or that their house has lost value because of the dishonest activities of a person named McCain Keating V.

The New York Times will forget that it endorsed John McCain and begin devoting its entire effort to exposing the danger from the McCain/Keating 5. A steady parade of individuals that lost their (1) homes, (2) savings or (3) whatever it was that Keating took from them will appear on television and/or in Congressional hearings to whine about their plight. What Vietnam was to the election of 2004, the savings and loan scandal of the early 1990's will be to the election of 2008.

CBS may not need forged documents this year. But if they use forgeries in exposing the Keating 5 scandal, the blogosphere may not ride to McCain's rescue as it did for George W. Bush in 2004.
There are additional scenarios that I have not even imagined. We all are familiar enough with the MSM/DNC to know how it operates. We have seen the above scenarios enough to know what to expect this year if John McCain wins the GOP nomination.

We may be 48 hours from making all of these scenarios a reality (depending on how we vote on Super Tuesday). If we hand the nomination to McCain, we may yet find out who Keating actually is.

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