Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Winter of 2007 - winter storm receives priority coverage over Anna Nicole Smith

Matt Lauer's teleprompter this morning used the term "winter smackdown" to describe the storm that has blanketed an area from the midwest to Virginia to Maine. Some areas are expected to receive several feet of snow, while other areas are enduring ice and sleet. Air traffic is disrupted ("hundreds and hundreds of flight delays"). Vehicle deaths ("hundreds of accidents")have occurred. Schools, businesses and government offices are closed throughout much of the country. Power outages are creating havoc. Temperatures throughout the country remain well below normal.

Indianapolis Star photo -idle airplanes at Indianapolis Airport - 2-13-07

This is not news to any of you, as you have either looked out your own window or have seen the news coverage. I repeat the story here because the global warming meme will eventually resume. We have heard little of the hysteria-mongering for almost two weeks, but the hysteria will be back when the sun returns. We will need to review the events of the Winter of 2007 when that happens. Memory is the greatest enemy of leftist propaganda.

See the coverage in Philadelphia, Virginia, Buffalo and Indianapolis.

Previous - frozen rivers, death toll.

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