Saturday, November 05, 2005

MSM Lie # 48 - New York Times misrepresents Corporal Jeffrey Starr

I have carefully considered this item before including it on the list of lies of 2005.

As most of us [except for readers of the New York Times] know by now, The New York Times has been caught ommitting crucial portions of a letter written by a serviceman who was killed in Iraq. [H/T Michelle Malkin.] I usually try to include only false statements on this list [or doctored photos]. The Times' quotation was, in fact, accurate. But the deliberate omission of the majority of the letter created the opposite impression that the letter sought to convey. By quoting one sentence out of context, the Times misrepresented the meaning intended by the departed Corporal Starr. This practice is consistent with the Times' history.

The Times' misrepresentation is so blatant that inclusion in this list is justified. This list is intended for slam dunks, where there is no question as to the guilt of the MSM/DNC. In this case, the Times' guilt can be proven by simply comparing the quoted sentence with the entire document. One need not argue ideology or extraneous facts to prove bias in this case.

The Times' intent was to campaign against continued prosecution of the war. It is interesting to note that the Times and other MSM/DNC outlets allege that the public no longer supports the war. But they feel the need to wage a campaign of misrepresentation against the war anyway. If the public has already turned against the war, why does the Times bother to lie about the war and our soldiers?

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