Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Election fraud and MSM/DNC thuggery

In my previous post, I argued that election fraud and MSM/DNC thuggery go hand-in-hand. As if to prove my point, The Detroit News reveals that 380,000 absentee ballots have been sent to dead people. H/T Debbie Schlussel. Many of the ballots already had the votes filled in. The rest will undoubtedly be filled in by individuals resembling the folks in these mugshots.

If Michigan's Democrat machine has a data base of 380,000 names with which to pad the vote every time there is an election, how did that database impact the Michigan election in 2004? When I have a moment, I will research Kerry's Michigan margin of victory (and Gore's in 2000).

At the same time as the Democratic Party's election strategy kicks into high gear in Michigan, the left trots out their analysis of Judge Alito's nomination:
You've just stepped in it now, ****. This one's personal -- ***** everything else written on this site, and on every other site, about Alito for the time being.

See, here's the thing. I'm Italian American. I'm also an at-this-point-happily-lapsed but still **** respectful Roman Catholic.

And I will be *** *** *** Dead And In a Hole In The *** Ground before I let you claim "Italian American" OR Roman Catholic as a *** code phrase for bat*** conservative reactionaries whose dismissal of womens' ***, civil rights, worker rights, and pretty much everything else that has made America great make it clear they think all those things are akin to something they would normally scrape off their shoes.

There's nothing *** "Italian American" about being an ultra-far-right conservative ***. You will not drag my heritage into this like you shoved Alito's well-groomed hand up Rosa Parks' ***, or I will bury you, you loathsome little egg-*** ***. And unlike most of the victims of your only-like-a-minority-when-they're-dead *** huggings, I'm still very much alive.
edited for content

If the thugs that carry out Democrat strategy could write, their writing would look like the above quote. In fact, it is only for the purpose of inciting the animals that commit election violence that the weasels in the "intellectual" wing of the Party produce such vitriol.

Thanks to Brain Droppings for the following research on Kerry/Michigan 2004:
Per CNN, Kerry was credited with 600,047 votes in Wayne county. His Michigan vote total was 2,479,183; his margin of victory 165,437.

So if even half of the 380,000 phony absentee ballots were used in 2004, the Michigan result is invalid. If all of those phony ballots were used, then Bush earned a decent victory in Michigan. In a way, this is good news. A few high profile prosecutions could place Michigan back in the Red column where it belongs.

another update. I have done some research of my own. According to CNN, Gore beat Bush in Michigan in 2000 by a margin of 194,721 votes. There are many unanswered questions. We don't know how many years the Michigan authorities have been using absentee ballots in the name of dead people. We don't know how many of the ballots mailed to dead people were actually counted in the totals.

But all of these questions can be answered with some grand jury proceedings and a few subpoenas. A high profile prosecution would begin to expose this practice. If we can ensure that only the legitimate votes were counted, there would be no reason for Michigan to be blue.

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