Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The future of democracy in America

The new face of the Democratic party.

Michelle Malkin unveils her new book today, in which she exposes the violent tactics of Democratic Party operatives and enforcers. Her post today is full of pictures like the one above. Each one tells the story of some thug who attacked Republican volunteers, vandalized Republican headquarters or threw food in order to disrupt conservative speeches. She even includes a mugshot of a leftwing professor who damaged her own car in order to generate false claims of racism.

The pictures are worth studying and I am sure the book is worth reading. I don't agree with the humorous treatment that Ms. Malkin appears to give the people in question. This is a major problem that is not going away. The left is becoming increasingly violent as their goals move further and further from the mainstream of American cultural and political thought.

The Commissar sums it up well:
. . . . the Dems are in love with their own hatred and venom. It feeds, energizes, and stimulates them; they can no more do without it than they could stop breathing. It’s all they have.
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See also the Commissar's Brownshirt Meter.

Of all of the people pictured in Michelle's photographs (and described in her book), there is a solid chance that at least one of them will be a Democratic nominee for Congress, Senate or the Presidency within 30 years. There is an even greater chance that one of them will hold state or local office within the next 15 years. And the chances that some of them will become professors, copy editors in the MSM/DNC, hollywood writers and directors, UN administrators, authors, etc. is near one hundred percent. John Kerry got his start somewhere and so did Ward Churchill. The violent thugs of today become the leftist leaders of tomorrow.

These are not random idiots like the man who stole the football at yesterday's Packer game. These people have a political purpose. They do not seek souvenirs or fame. They have nothing to gain except for power.

They are the future enforcers of the socialist tyranny that the MSM/DNC wants to create in America. They are the equivalent of the Iraqi/Al Qaeda insurgency disrupting free elections with violence.

When you combine this upsurge in violence with the Democrats' propensity for election fraud, you have the makings of a constitutional crisis (h/t Powerline):
Electoral fraud. It is a grave and growing threat to our democracy. Major elections have turned on it, and it is only a matter of time until voter fraud precipitates a constitutional crisis.

Voter fraud, combined with the raw muscle necessary to enforce the fraudulent results and protect the wrongdoers, will continue to erode our system and the remaining freedoms that we enjoy.

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