Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dhimmitude roundup

While the MSM/DNC focuses almost exclusively on twisting the Libby indictment into an accusation that the administration somehow outed a spy, Islam continues its advance into the decaying Western world on many fronts with the MSM/DNC's tacit approval:

1) Sami Al-Arian - long ignored prior to 9/11 by all but Debbie Schlussel - now may escape a conviction in federal court.

2) Three days of Islamic riots in Paris have received little attention.

3) Australian police have been instructed to treat Islamic wife beaters more leniently than regular wife beaters.

4) Prince Charles intends to tell President Bush that we are not tolerant enough of Muslims.

5) The Indonesians show us where tolerance leads; and, finally,

6) Al Qaeda's influence has been growing in South America for more than one year.

We won't always have the luxury of ignoring Islamic expansion. If these trends continue, Islamic terror and colonization will be a fact of life confronting all Americans regardless of whether the MSM/DNC recognizes it.

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