Thursday, October 27, 2005

We have one more chance to get it right.

Now that Harriet Miers has withdrawn her name from consideration for the Supreme Court, President Bush has another chance to appoint a qualified nominee that will interpret the constitution and has a track record that we can reasonably rely on.

But President Bush is not the only one who has received a second chance. Conservatives in the blogosphere have received a second chance also. My own opinion is that we blew it with regard to the Miers nomination when we failed to be vocal enough prior to the announcement of the nomination. Once the nomination is made, it is too late. If President Bush nominates another stealth candidate, I suspect we won't get another chance. The next nominee will not be withdrawn. Even the Miers battle cost the conservative movement something in terms of time and credibility and political "capital."

We should make it clear NOW that if President Bush puts forth a qualified, conservative nominee, we will back him 110%. The same blogswarm/blogstorm that derailed the Miers' nomination can and will carry the day for Judge Brown or Owens or any of the other qualified candidates.

One result of the Miers battle is that the administration has seen what a good blogswarm can do. [The administration should have understood this after Rathergate, but better late than never.] If we start swarming now for a qualified conservative, the administration won't make the same mistake again. A good blogswarm now will also convince the administration that the President has the troops to carry the day in the Senate.

The bloggers don't even have to agree on who is the best nominee. Numerous conservatives have their favorite candidates. We need only make it clear that all of us will fight and swarm for any of the qualified conservatives. I predict that the moderates/stealth proponents will try to appease us by saying that "we can't have a nominee that please everyone."

We don't want to please everyone. We want a nominee that will follow the law, refrain from judicial activism, strictly construe the constitution, refrain from inventing penumbras, etc. And we want the nominee to have a track record that backs up his or her promises.

I have quoted Janice Rogers Brown numerous times on these pages. We know her track record from quotes like this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

While I favor Judge Brown, I and all of the other conservatives would support wholeheartedly a large number of potential nominees.

To the administration, I say "Let's not waste the resources of the new media this time. Let it work for you instead of against you."

To the blogosphere, I say, "Everything you are saying today, keep saying over and over until the administration gets it right. Don't wait for the nomination to be announced. Don't forget about this issue merely because we might get distracted by other issues."

Jonah Goldberg has the right idea. No Gonzales, a thousand times no Gonzales.

Michelle Malkin posts a good roundup.

Blonde Sagacity and LaShawn Barber sound a similar note.

If we all talk about this as much over the next few weeks as we have over the last few weeks, we won't see this mistake again.

P.S. Click here to read why it would be better for a true conservative like Bork to lose than for a moderate like Anthony Kennedy to be confirmed.

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