Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Joseph Wilson should be tried for treason.

Most of us don't seem to understand what the whole CIA Plame/Flame case is about. I don't think we can ever fully understand it if we look at it in the context of this trumped up prosecution. If we try to understand whether Rove/Libby/etc. is "guilty" of something, we will miss the whole point. The focus should be on Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame.

It is pretty well established that Joseph Wilson lied when he claimed to have investigated the possibility of Saddam Hussein seeking to purchase uranium from Niger. He downplayed the possibility of Hussein obtaining uranium so that we would relax our efforts in the war. That is treason. Powerline summed it up here:
So, to sum up: the Senate Intelligence Committee's report shows that: 1) Wilson lied in the New York Times about what he told the CIA after he returned from Niger. In fact, far from debunking the concern that Iraq may have tried to buy uranium from Niger, Wilson reported that Niger's former Prime Minister told him that Iraq had made just such an overture in 1999. 2) Wilson lied when he leaked a report to the Washington Post about documents he had not even seen. 3) Wilson lied when he said that his wife Valerie "had nothing to do with" his being chosen to go to Niger.

We know that Wilson's wife Plame was instrumental in enabling Wilson to be in a position to promote these lies. These lies endangered the United States and tended to inhibit our efforts to defend ourselves in the face of growing danger. These lies gave aid and comfort to the enemy who sought to build WMD's and use them against the United States.

Axis Sally was imprisoned for less. At least Axis Sally had the decency to leave the country before advancing enemy propaganda. She didn't do it from within the CIA.

But instead of Joseph Wilson and Plame, the MSM/DNC has turned its wrath upon the individuals who may have sought to discredit Wilson and Plame.

I don't know if Karl Rove or Scooter Libby tried to reveal the identity of Valerie Plame in order to discredit Joseph Wilson (or whatever the left claims they did). But I do know that that is the least that should have been done to Wilson and Plame. Rove and Libby should have gone before the press with a picture of Valerie Plame and announced that a traitor worked for the CIA. They should have shouted her name from the rooftops.

That they did not do this tells us much of the times in which we live and the danger we face. Those who seek to weaken America in the face of the enemy are celebrated and defended by the MSM/DNC. Those who oppose treason are castigated and vilified by the MSM/DNC.

Ayn Rand's character Ragnar Danneskjold uttered one of my favorite quotes in "Atlas Shrugged" - "When robbery is done in open daylight by sanction of the law, as it is done today, then any act of honor or restitution has to be hidden underground."

The same is true of treason. When treason is committed openly and celebrated by the MSM/DNC, then acts of patriotism have to be hidden underground. Patriotism will never again exist openly in the daylight as long as we are afraid to expose traitors.

Rather than trot out a weak defense with talking point readers like Kay Bailey Hutchinson, we should point out that Plame and Wilson belong on the gallows and that Rove and the administration should no longer be afraid to bring justice to that pair.

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