Saturday, October 22, 2005

Another blog experiment with the NBC Today show canoe lady; Michelle Kosinski

It has now been more than one week since Michelle Kosinski and the Today show got caught trying to paddle a canoe in 4 inches of water. My trackback ping to the NewsBusters' story has generated many hits. The hits for this site trail off whenever someone else posts another trackback at NewsBusters.

So I am trying to see if I can generate yet another hit barrage for myself by posting one more trackback. This experiment will give us some indication of how long a story like this can generate traffic. Actually, it is just an excuse for me to troll for traffic.

Oh, grow up! Everyone trolls for traffic. I am just being honest about it.

Here is a post involving a more detailed blog experiment resulting from the same incident.

In case you are mad that I wasted your time in following the link to this site, here is some eye candy to assuage your feelings of annoyance.

This is not Leslie Stahl. [Update] It is also not Samantha Burns.

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