Tuesday, October 18, 2005

NBC's canoe stunt vs. ABC's racially charged Toledo riot lie.

Today I have witnessed an interesting blog experiment. The whole thing was entirely unintended.

Yesterday, I entered two posts onto this Blog. Each post discussed a different MSM lie. The first post discussed the NBC Today show canoe stunt that went bad when the reporter was caught on live TV.

The second post discussed ABC's dishonest headline, in which it claimed that the rioters in Toledo were white.

Each of the posts linked to a NewsBusters post. Each of the posts also trackbacked to a NewsBusters post. The Toledo story linked also to a comment at NewsBusters.

There were 2 differences.

(1) The Toledo ABC News lie is much more harmful, as it represents the MSM/DNC's propensity to mask the identity of those who destroy and undermine our way of life. The Today show canoe lie is entertaining, but almost harmless. It would be totally harmless if it wasn't part of a larger trend of MSM/DNC dishonesty.

(2) The NewsBuster trackbacks produced wildly different results in terms of traffic. The canoe story produced a high volume of hits from the NewsBusters trackback for this blog, while the ABC racial lie produced almost no traffic. Apparently the viewers want to read about and follow the links related to the canoe story, but remain less interested in ABC's racially charged lie.

I think this demonstrates a weakness in the blogosphere that we need to correct. We need to learn what it is that really threatens our civilization. We need to realize that the MSM/DNC harms us most when it covers up those threats to civilization. Racially motivated gangs that destroy for the sake of destruction become more dangerous when they are ignored, just as Islamist terror grows worse when the MSM/DNC refuses to identify it.

The canoe story is great and helps to prove our point, but we should not get distracted laughing about it when the MSM/DNC acts more ominously in other matters.

Check out the list of 2005 MSM lies. See which ones matter the most to you.
Michelle Malkin posts NBC's lame attempts to defend itself. A lame defense proves that the blogosphere's exposure is working. It is a shame that ABC hasn't been forced by negative publicity to defend its Toledo headline.

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