Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Leslie Stahl is stuck on stupid

In February, I wrote of the MSM/DNC's never ending fascination with Watergate and the left's need to rehash that episode at every opportunity:
The MSM/DNC needs Watergate. If Watergate did not occur, MSM/DNC would have had to invent it. [Come to think of it, isn't that how the Bush national guard story got started?] Recent elections (both at home and abroad) have left very little for MSM/DNC to celebrate. So it rehashes past victories and revels in the glory days. Watergate and Vietnam. These two events will be served, re-served, salivated over, chewed on, swallowed and digested over and over again in the pages of the MSM/DNC newspapers ad nauseam until the rest of us throw up our hands and let the MSM/DNC run the government again.

A few months after this post, the "Deep Throat" story broke and the Watergate feeding frenzy was on again.

It appears that Leslie Stahl is one of many MSM/DNC mouthpieces that just can't let it go. She appeared on Comedy Central to announce that the Plame/Flame affair could turn in to another Watergate.

In the past 30 plus years during Republican administrations, there hasn't been a single event that the MSM/DNC didn't predict would be the next Watergate. [But Bill Clinton's sale of nuclear technology to China was nothing like Watergate.]

Read the transcript at NewsBusters. Stahl seems unable to react to or play along with the host's jokes or wit. Stahl's stiffness is almost as funny as Stephen Colbert's quips.

This is not Leslie Stahl, but it is a better picture than the other ones I found on Google.

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