Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thomas Sowell, R.C. Davis, Giles Milton

Thomas Sowell has written a new column of Random Thoughts, many of which will later appear here as the "Quote of the Day."

His column recommends two books, which I have not read:
Two recent books tell about a million Europeans who were once enslaved by North African pirates. But these books ("Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters" by R.C. Davis and "White Gold" by Giles Milton) are largely ignored by people who claim to be outraged about slavery in the past.

I believe these books may have even more relevance to the War on Terror than they do for any historical discussion of slavery. It is time that Americans learn that the War is about much more than bombs being detonated on subways.

These books are on my list of books to buy once I get done with the unread pile of books that now clutters my house.

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