Saturday, October 29, 2005

Recovering from the quagmeir.

BizzyBlog posts the story of a President who recovered quite well after making a major speech advocating a mistaken policy.

I won't explain the mistake or reveal who the President was, but the point is that no one remembers the mistake now. By the same token, no one will remember the Miers mistake if the President recovers by appointing a qualified candidate now. If you don't believe me, read BizzyBlog.

We can do our part by assuring the President that we are up for the fight when he appoints his qualified nominee. Rather than speculate on who that nominee might be, we should focus on ways that we can promote that nominee.

I am not advocating that we blindly trust the President's next pick, but, instead, that we prove to the President now that he can trust us. We must reassure him that we can and will fight for a qualified nominee so that he need not fear that his nominee will be defeated.

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