Monday, October 31, 2005

Libby v. Berger v. Daphiney Caganap

So I understand that the prosecutor in the Plame/Flame case rejected a plea deal because he wants "serious jail time" for Scooter Libby. As Joseph Farah asks:
Where was he [the prosecutor] when former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger was caught red-handed stealing highly classified documents from the National Archives, destroying some and then lying about it to investigators?

As you recall, Sandy Berger will do no jail time for his role in helping to cover up Clinton's national security failures.

In other news, Daphiney Caganap will probably serve no jail time either. If you don't know who that is, here is a summary courtesy of Debbie Schlussel:
In San Ysidro (near San Diego), as head of the INS' intelligence unit and anti-smuggling operations, Caganap helped cover-up an illegal immigrant and drug smuggling operation, allowing it to continue for years--in exchange for $30,000 in money, services, and gifts (including a new hot tub). She also lied to the FBI about it. Caganap was indicted for all of that.

But instead of serving 36 years in prison (as the law allows), she will serve no jail time.

Who among this list has done the most to harm national security?

Sandy Berger

Daphiney Caganap

Scooter Libby

Sandy Berger helped the 9/11 commission whitewash the mistakes of the Clinton administration. Daphiney Caganap helped illegal aliens, possibly including more al Qaeda operatives, slip into this country. Scooter Libby . . . . . what did he do again?

Which of these three faces the greatest possibility of jail time? Remember this the next time you see people jumping out of burning buildings.

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