Thursday, November 03, 2005

The ghost city of Varosha

Chalk up another victory for the Religion of Peace. H/T Michael J. Totten and James Lileks. The part I found most interesting:
Directly across the street is the edge of the Varosha ghost city. That crane in the upper-left corner has been idle for 31 years. Supposedly, according to Lonely Planet, there is a car dealership somewhere in the city that still has 1974 models in the showroom.

Lileks has his own unique thoughts:
Can you imagine the riches, so to speak, that reside in these abandoned buildings? Can you imagine what it would be like to perform cultural anthropology on the remains of this city? Most people wouldn’t like to be the last person on earth, but I think many wouldn’t mind being one of the last. You, a group of friends – including a doctor and a dentist – and the vast riches of an empty city to explore at your leisure. If you didn’t have to deal with pasty plague victims, it could be quite interesting. I mean, it would take me a year just to plunder the houses around the lakes to the north.

This must have happened because the Greek Cypriots supported George W. Bush' war for oil.


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