Thursday, October 07, 2004

Violence updates

The Commissar at Acepilots blog (Politburo Diktat)is maintaining a "Brownshirt Meter" to keep track of Democrat violence against Republicans across the country. You can send your anecdotes of destroyed signs, harrassment, vandalism to

While this violence won't cause the end of freedom in America, it is a sign that a substantial portion of the population is ready for dictatorship and will use violent means to bring it about. The biggest sign of this willingness to submit is simply the poll numbers showing that more than 1% of the population would vote for Kerry in the first place. In a truly free country such as this one used to be, a John Kerry would have been dismissed as a lunatic long before he could even come within 100 miles of a major party nomination.

Seventy years of welfare and state controls have softened us for the final onslaught. As chronicled in Caesar and Christ, the Roman revolution that resulted in the dictatorship of Caesar lasted about 80 years. The violence described in previous posts occurred very near the end of that period.

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