Saturday, October 02, 2004

Update on "misinformation" - Malkin - Vox Day

The post dealing with Vox Day's misleading WWII information needs a little updating as per a request in a comment.

Vox Day claims we lost only 5 battleships at Pearl Harbor out of a total of 17 in the entire fleet. He wrote this in response to Michelle Malkin's book and a John Leo column dealing with the same book.

In fact, we had only fifteen active battleships at the time of the attack. All of these had been built between 20 and 30 years earlier. (The new battleships designed in the 1930's would not be ready until anywhere from a few months to more than a year after Pearl Harbor.) Eight of these battleships were destroyed or damaged at Pearl Harbor. Two of these ships were never repaired. The others required months to repair. The West Virginia remained under water for several months before repairs could begin. Following repair, these ships had to undergo lengthy refit on the West Coast so that they would not be vulnerable to further aerial assault. The old WWI designs were not sufficient for WWII naval warfare. The lengthy resurrection and repair process has been detailed by Dan Madsen.

The situation was every bit as grim as Leo and Malkin have described. And so is the current immigration situation with respect to potential terrorists who would undermine and destroy our civilization. .

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