Monday, September 27, 2004

Misinformation from one of our own.

"Vox Day" from WorldNetDaily has used very shaky history to attack Michelle Malkin's new book, "In Defense of Internment." Malkin's book focuses on the threat from Japanese espionage on the west coast during World War II.

Vox Day plays a little fast and loose with the information related to the location of American aircraft carriers in 1942 and the classification of certain ships as carriers on the east coast.

A review of reveals that some of the ships "Vox Day" refers to as "aircraft carriers" actually were little more than training ships.

He also plays fast and loose with his research on battleship strength in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. Check out the battleship page at "Vox Day" overstates our military capability and overstates the number of ships in the American fleet. He does this for the sake of downplaying the potential damage of West Coast Japanese spies.

While these arguments may be debatable, there is hardly justification for "Vox Day" to call Malkin, John Leo and Thomas Sowell "evasive" or dishonest.

Malkin's warnings on the present crisis are too important to be dismissed this way. Malkin qualifies as a "Cassandra" in her own right by virtue of her warnings on immigration and the Islamic threat.

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