Friday, October 01, 2004

Vietnamization of the War on Terror

Regardless of who wins this election, Democrat seem most concerned with undermining the war effort at all costs. This strategy is not merely an election strategy for the Dems.

Democrats know that the war is the most difficult issue for them to win. Instead of focusing on domestic issues that might earn points for them in November, they flail away at the war while undermining and ridiculing allies. Even if Kerry were to win the election, he is placing his administration in an untenable position by virtue of his current anti-war position.

I think that Kerry, McAuliffe, Carville, etc. really don't care. Their main goal is to undermine the war at all costs, much like they did with the Vietnam protests. The most likely outcome will be a Bush victory in November followed by years of a Democratic war of attrition here at home. The Democrats' hope is that the continued "aid and comfort" to the enemy will eventually wear out the public's stomach for the war. Only time will tell if they are right.

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