Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Violence spreading

Democrat violence is spreading across the country. In Wisconsin, already the site of voter fraud this year, Democrat storm troopers attacked and occupied Republican headquarters yesterday.

More examples have occurred in Ohio, Gainesville, Florida and Maryland.

Powerline sums it up this way:

Al Gore complained that Republicans on the internet are "digital Brownshirts." It's time to start getting concerned about real Brownshirts, all of whom are Democrats.

The following passage from Will Durant describes Rome in 53 B.C. [emphasis added]:

Any man who would vote as paid was admitted to the rolls, whether citizen or not; sometimes only a minority of those who cast ballots were entitled to vote. The privilege of addressing the assembly had on several occasions to be won by storming the rostrum and holding it by main force. Legislation came to be determined by the fluctuating superiority of rival gangs; those who voted the wrong way were, now and then, beaten to within an inch of their lives, after which their houses were set on fire.

It is important to remember that all of the legislative and electoral processes had been run peacefully for centuries before this time. The disruptions of which Durant wrote led to the dictatorship and many disastrous consequences.

These events are not merely campaign issues. The future of the country is at stake.

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