Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Campaign violence on the rise.

Just today, there have been reports that the Republican headquarters in Orlando have been stormed and ransacked and the Republican headquarters in Knoxville have been fired upon.

Earlier, shots were fired at the Republican headquarters in Huntington, while the Republican headquarters in Washington state were burglarized last week. The thieves in Washington made off with computers containing essential campaign strategy, including the Republicans' "72 hour plan." No doubt the details of that plan now sit on Terry McAuliffe's desk.

We are witnessing the continuation of the Democrats' battle for illegitimate power, much like their attempt to hijack the Florida election in 2000.

We have now arrived at a situation much like the Roman republic in its final days (@55 B.C.), when factions fought violently for control of political processes that had operated peacefully for centuries. The violent battles for control of the forum yielded shortly to the dictatorship that crushed freedom in Rome and led to so many disastrous consequences.

What will be the end result of our political battles?

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