Monday, July 11, 2005

The left has the Supreme Court that it wants

Much of the talk regarding the Supreme Court now focuses on leftist attempts at compromise. Specter wants O'Connor to be the Chief for a year or two. Harry Reid wants the President to appoint another Earl Warren. claims to want a moderate.

The leftists have not openly advocated the appointment of a leftist. They advocate the appointment of a "moderate" - and for good reason (and no, it is not simply because they know they will never get an admitted leftist nominated during the Bush administration).

The left already has the Court that it wants and the laws that it wants. The Constitution has been so eroded by decades of New Deal nannyism that the remaining erosion will happen almost on its own. Runaway government has its own momentum - like a tractor trailer with no brakes. Special interest groups will continue to demand more government giveaways and more power - without the old constitutional restraints to limit that power. Government will continue to grow, spend, tax, regulate and oppress.

In order for the destruction of Western Civilization to be complete, the Court need only do nothing at this point. As long as the Court preserves the rulings of the past seventy years, the government's own momentum will lead us to socialism and tyranny. A moderate would preserve that journey toward socialist utopia on which we are embarked.

That is why it is important for us to point out that the government (protected by the Court) is on an extreme path right now. The extremist position is the protection of socialism and government power that has seen our government grow to levels unimagined by our founders. Kelo was one such exercise of those powers. The limitless expansion of the "commerce clause" so as to justify limitless Federal regulation is another. Our headlong rush to a secular society (except for a maniacal sensitivity toward and protection of all things Islamic) is a third example. The absence of any limits on abortion - even at the moment of birth, the expansion of Federal spending and regulation into areas nowhere enumerated, etc. etc. etc.

For Bush to appoint a strong conservative that would curtail some of the government's power would not be extreme. The appointment of a strong conservative would be the only moderate course. We have to redefine the issue. The government has been extreme for far too long. The leftists, despite losing so many elections, want to keep it that way.

The status quo will continue to produce more Kelo type decisions. And that is just the way the left likes it.

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