Monday, January 31, 2005

MSM/DNC - a singular noun

In case you haven't noticed the trend, the MSM/DNC will henceforth be referred to on this page as a singular noun.

The new media, the blogosphere, talk radio, etc. have done a tremendous job in recent years of exposing left wing bias in the MSM. This work has been very important, but now we must move to the next level. We give the appearance of reinventing the wheel every time we present some example of left wing bias in the MSM. We have proven our case. For those we haven't reached yet, we require a different approach. We must take the next step. We must refer to and treat the MSM/DNC as one organization. We must refer to and treat the MSM as part of a political organization.

For a long time, the MSM has acted in lockstep with the DNC - with one exception. The MSM occasionally provides objective coverage of the news in order to appear fair and balanced. The MSM coverage of yesterday's Iraqi elections is a good example, with the MSM temporarily providing favorable coverage of a story that benefits both America and President Bush. The DNC arm of the organization would never do that. The DNC arm of the DNC/MSM is consistently anti-American and anti-Bush, no matter what the circumstances. If the DNC existed by itself without the MSM arm to lend respectibility, DNC propoganda would appear to be just that - propoganda.
But with the MSM arm pretending to be objective on occasion, DNC propoganda has a respectable front. The MSM arm is the credible delivery mechanism for the DNC.

How we treat the MSM arm is still to be determined. We must still expose left wing bias. We must still expose MSM lies. But we must change the way we talk about the MSM arm. We must recognize the DNC and MSM as two arms of the same beast. Only by changing the language and usage can we loosen the DNC/MSM grip on television, movies, newsprint and education.

The usage difference is subtle, but important. Referring to the DNC/MSM this way will act as a shortcut to the truth in many instances. [It doesn't matter whether one places "MSM" or "DNC" first in the name.] From now on, refer to MSM/DNC as one organization.

MSM/DNC is now a singular noun.
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