Sunday, June 15, 2008

Iowa 2008 v. New Orleans 2005 - the un-Katrina flood response.

If the new media does its job, the Iowa floods will finally accomplish what 3 years and the truth could not accomplish - remove Hurricane Katrina from the talking points of the MSM/DNC.

Iowa 2008

In Iowa, 83 of the state's 99 counties have been declared disaster areas (according to NBC this morning). While no Iowa city is as large as New Orleans, the devastation is no less thorough throughout the entire state.

Consider the differences between the Iowa floods of 2008 and Katrina (2005):

volunteers sandbagging the water instead of "journalists" sandbagging the viewers.


The bottom line is, we are seeing more self-reliance and less complaining in Iowa. The citizens evacuated themselves instead of waiting for someone to rescue them. Iowa will not become a political football as did New Orleans. But it may show the contrast that will deflate the Katrina football and deprive the MSM/DNC of another weapon.

update - Sunday evening:

Lagniappe's Lair posted something very similar yesterday.

Arhooley comments thusly:
. . . . another underreported story was the San Diego wildfires of a few months back. With no assistance from the government (none asked and none provided), private citizens and businesses oversaw the best-organized refuge center in our Qualcomm Park that a person could imagine. Pets were taken care of, translation services provided, medical facilities set up, kids' entertainment provided, blankets and beds donated in plenty. With KOGO radio talking several times an hour with the refuge center's organizer, it generally took about 15 minutes from the time a need was announced on the air to the time a truck was pulling up outside the stadium. San Diegans volunteered all over the county to open their homes and staff assistance centers. Oh yes, and Barbara Boxer did fly in to Qualcomm to denounce George Bush for depriving San Diegans of National Guardsmen and firefighters for his war for oil. What would we have done without her?

update - Joe Soucheray gets it.

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