Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bill Clinton returns to form

I just read the AFP account of Bill Clinton's attack on George Bush. Clinton's criticism included a repeat of the allegation that FEMA was slow to react to Katrina.

If the "This Week" interviewer had been a real reporter instead of an MSM/DNC shill, he would have asked Bill Clinton about the Pennsylvania flood of January, 1996. In January, 1996 a flood [mild by Katrina standards] engulfed Harrisburg, knocked down a bridge, closed other bridges, chased countless people from their homes, destroyed businesses and isolated the capital of Pennsylvania.

Governor Tom Ridge took to the airwaves and condemned FEMA because FEMA would not even declare an official disaster [a disaster was later declared]. Soldiers would later patrol the streets to keep order.

Pennsylvania - January 1996 - How fast did Bill Clinton react?

By contrast, George Bush declared a disaster and approved funding before Katrina even hit the Gulf coast.

Clinton's statement today was only marginally different than one in which Clinton would accuse another President of perjury or selling arms to China in exchange for campaign contributions.

BTW, Clinton also criticized Bush for hastily invading Iraq. Only in an MSM/DNC world could Bill Clinton expect to get away with this kind of hypocrisy. I didn't see the program (and I am glad for that) but I doubt that the interviewer asked Clinton the obvious question - why were you bombing Iraq in 1998 if there was "no evidence that there were weapons of mass destruction"??

Update - Monday morning - Powerline and Michelle Malkin have more.

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