Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Red Crescent and the 9/11 memorial

I think that we can no longer be satisfied merely to expose the idiocy of the left. We have to recognize that there is a sizable element in this country that simply hates America, Western values, Christianity, freedom and all that goes with those things (ie. indoor plumbing, medicine, the automobile, etc.). When the 9-11 attacks first happened, this element bided their time. They refrained from celebrating openly. They may even have given blood or donated money to the relief efforts.

But now they are crawling out of the [oops woodward] woodwork and out from under their rocks. They spare no effort to attack not only George Bush, but America itself. Any attack on the victims of 9-11 - especially one that amounts to pointless desecration - can be nothing more than an attack on the U.S. and an attempt to demoralize those of us who survive.

I am late to this story - others like Michelle Malkin have done a thorough job so far - because I wanted to react more to the forest instead of the trees. This atrocity is more than just another example of leftist lunacy. There is more at stake than a simple memorial or a fleeting argument. The morale of the American people hangs in the balance as we try to rally our strength for the remainder of the war. Those who would desecrate our victims would try to sap that strength. We need not understand their motives. We need only recognize their methods.

The barbarity of the latest memorial proposal can be understood only in the context of past atrocities and the hypothetical desecration of the victims of those atrocities. If you did not know which of the following memorials constituted an actual proposal, could you guess which one was real and which were invented only to prove a point?

9/11 memorial design

The newly renamed Dylan Klebold High School in Littleton Colorado

The Tim McVeigh Federal Building in Oklahoma City

Anne Frank's headstone design

New Symbol to be painted on the Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor

If the above examples are offensive to you, prepare to have your sensibilities offended many times over the next few years as the left's propaganda machine continues to find new ways to attack our morale and dishonor our dead.

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