Tuesday, September 06, 2005

If We Only Had Context

The other day, I wrote a little blurb linking to my blog's post about The Great Raid, which I saw on Sunday. I just had a commentor come to my blog and post something that everyone should read:

Sue Bob - - I lived near a "China Marine" from 1946 - 1949. One of the worst things FDR ever did was order them to surrender. The Regimental commander would not take MacA's order and talked directly to FDR before surrendering.
This survivor of "Death March" was a basket case. If you saw Ross Perot's running mate on the VP debate 13 years ago you have a weak idea of what a shell of a man he was. But he was part of the 9% that live to tell the tale. It would have been much better for the Marines to fight to the death as we are trained to do. At least that way they would have taken 10,000 - 20,000 Japs with them.
In three years the Japs killed over 90% of the men. women and children taken prisoner at the end of 1941.
Had this raid not taken place it would have been over 92%. Think about that the next time Larry King cals America a land of torturers!

It was this experience that convinced me when I was fighting the real JFK's war I would not be taken alive.
It is why I get so mad when Pelosi, Durbin and Reid compare Gitmo to the Japs or the Socialist Labor Party's death camps.

I think that everyone should consider what this man said. One of the biggest problems I see today is that we are not properly educated about history. It is history that gives us context. This commenter's post gives us invaluable context. With accurate and proper context, 99% of the country would horse-laugh Pelosi, Durbin and Reid into well-deserved political oblivion.

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