Friday, September 02, 2005

Quotes of the day - Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt

MS: . . . [T]he more the people are self-reliant, and take control for themselves, the more they're likely to be able to withstand these things. If you entrust yourself to the government, then you will be vulnerable. . . . You've got to have a situation where people are encouraged to be self-reliant, and exercise responsible choices themselves.

HH: I'll tell you. It's the best commercial for owning a gun I've ever seen.

MS: Absolutely. And I would say that the last thing...anyone who wants to talk about gun control these days, I'll tell you something. If I had property in New Orleans, and I was there, the one thing I'd want to do, when some of these people come a-callin' is make sure I was armed.

H/T Radioblogger

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