Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rathergate anniversary - 1 day and counting

Click here for previous Rathergate countdown editions.

One year ago today, MSM/DNC sat poised to attack George W. Bush. It had been trying to pin something on him for years. Despite its many attempts, Bush had survived. All MSM/DNC attempts to destroy and blame Bush had failed. The mood was much like that of today, as the MSM/DNC continually flails away at Bush over the hurricane.

We don't know where the Hurricane blame game will lead, but last year's MSM/DNC attacks, as of September 7, 2004, were heading to a premature climax. Presidential campaigns officially begin on labor day, but the 2004 campaign would kick into high gear one day later. The battle that would ensue over the events of September 8th would transcend the Presidential election. Reviewing the Rathergate sequence, one sees a certain similarity to World War I. What began as a simple war ended up launching the Soviet Union, ending the Ottoman empire and forever changing the face of the world.

In 2004, what began as another MSM/DNC attempt to install a leftist president ended up pushing the blogosphere to previously unseen heights and forever changing the role of the media. Information would never be gathered and exchanged the same way again.

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